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MyFamilyGems provides an online platform for family ancestry and services where users can create, search, archive, discover and research their family history. Users can search family trees databases of records. Relatives and users can collaborate and exchange information over this platform. The website provides following facility to users

1. Registration of users with basic details.

2. Users can make their own family tree.

3. Once relations are added by user with their basic information, invitation will be sent to all members to update their profile further.

4. Blood relatives are visible in Primary family tree; relatives by marriage between two families are connected by Secondary family tree.

5. Patriarch system is basis of this tree system, so all Sisters & Daughters of the family will have new secondary tree where new generations will be added after marriage and is called Secondary tree.

6. Members are able to upload pictures, memories, documents, personal biography and more in required fields.

7. Basic membership is free for all and members will get certain free storage space for their data, pictures and documents.

8. Paid membership will allow members to have unlimited data space for pictures, documents & videos.

9. Kids will be added by parents under their Parents can make profile for their kids (below 18) and save pictures, report cards, rewards, achievements in kid’s profile.

10. Access & visibility –

Basic information like; Name, location, birth place can be searched by any user.

Profile and pictures can be viewed by only Primary and Secondary tree members directly connected to Primary tree.

User’s documents can be accessed only by profile owner.

11. Email and password will be required to access your profile.

12. Grand parents can save their messages, speech, and videos for their new generations.

13. Parents can start saving their new-born’s memories from day 0.

14. Members will be allowed to send and receive internal messages in tree.

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